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POWR “Protect Our Water Rights” POWR is a group of Paso Robles Groundwater Basin Overlying Owners concerned that our rights are being eroded and even taken away. Stand strong and stand with us to protect our groundwater rights!  

Adjudication is the only Basin Management Tool that preserves your water rights!


California Law Versus Politics

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Act Now to Protect Your Water Rights!

Under California law one square foot of land has exactly the same overlying water rights as one square mile. If you own land in the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin, as an overlying owner, you have the right to reasonable use of the water for the benefit and enjoyment of your overlying land, no matter what the size of your parcel.

Under an AB3030/Prop 218 water district that square mile would now have 27,878,400 more rights than that square foot!

The grand compromise proposed by PRAAGS, Pro Water Equity and the County is exactly that, it compromises away the water rights of the overlying parcels owners to essentially fiat by tribunal where the interests of the smaller parcel owners in particular are guaranteed minority representation at best.

The POWR (Protect Our Water Rights) Group is an association of farmers and homeowners in the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin who came together with the common cause of pooling resources to protect our property rights.

The process began by filing “quiet title” -- essentially requesting that a court recognize our water rights. Quiet title is the appropriate method for a landowner to protect property rights, including water rights. If someone was trying to take away a property right in another way, for example by walking or driving across a parcel or moving a fence over someone else’s parcel, everyone would understand the need to take the person to court to prevent the loss. Water rights are exactly the same, they need to be protected.

Your water rights are protected by law. But if you do not stand up and assert your water rights, you will lose them. This is not a class action lawsuit. You must expressly file “quiet title” to retain the rights you already have - before the formation of a local water district.

Any owner of a Paso Robles Groundwater Basin overlying parcel, no matter what the parcel size, can join POWR.

If you have not joined POWR yet and you'd like more information please join us on one of the Wednesday nights below:

Information / Engagement Events

May 7th

Meetings start at 6:00pm

  • Information and questions
  • Sign ups

Meetings will be held at Steinbeck Vineyards & Winery 5940 Union Road Paso Robles (805-227-0776)

If you'd like to sign up Wednesday evening, please bring: APN numbers and a check issued to Protect Our Water Rights - financial contribution information will be discussed at the meeting.

These are outdoor events so please dress accordingly.

If you've decided to join but cannot attend a Wednesday meeting you may stop by the Steinbeck Vineyard office weekdays between 11am and 2:30pm. Please ask for Julie. She has all forms and information about payment. You may also request more information by email contact PR-WIN/POWR

Please spread the word! We must stand together to protect our groundwater rights!

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Do you own land above the Paso Robles Groundwater Basin as recently defined in Urgency Ordinance No. 3246  by the SLO County Board of Supervisors?


If so, you have a California water right.  There are interested groups who are trying at this moment to convince you that you should sign over your water rights through a petition for a water district.

You NEED to know ALL the facts before relinquishing your water rights.

This site is a trusted place for you to obtain straightforward, direct and honest factual information.  This is not a place for rumor, sensation or fear.  We are here to get the facts & do the research so that we can ALL make educated decisions for the future of our basin.

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